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Vero Beach Hotel Information

Vero Beach Hotel Information.  Vero Beach is known for its ties to the Indian River County citrus industry, and for being the Los Angeles Dodgers’ home during spring training and winter travel. Being recognized for oranges and baseball isn’t bad, but there’s a bit more to Vero Beach than those industries we have some of the best hotels on the coast. The city’s name is clouded in controversy because no one knows who came up with the “Vero” in Vero Beach.

There are nearly a dozen theories about the origin of the city’s name. Some say the town was named after a prominent citizen’s wife. That wasn’t true. Others claim it was a typo, and was meant to be “Vera.” Name controversy set aside, Vero Beach provides a laid-back experience for visitors. The city is uncrowded, and its 17,000 residents are friendly. Baseball fans can see the Los Angeles Dodgers play exhibition games during spring training, or attend a fantasy baseball camp that is taught by former Dodger hall-of-famers.

The city is also known for its culture. The Vero Beach Museum of Art is the largest art facility of its kind on Florida’s Treasure Coast. Visitors will need a place to stay after batting a thousand at baseball camp or meditating on one Andy Warhol’s works. They’ll find several Vero Beach hotels that will meet their needs.

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